24 Nov

LPG Gas Distribution System

Introduction Fuel gas distribution piping systems are used to supply fuel gas for heating and lighting purposes. The more commonly used fuel gases are natural gas (NG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and propane. Other gases include acetylene and butane. In this chapter we will discuss the more commonly used fuel gas piping systems such as for NG and LPG. We will look at how a typical fuel gas distribution piping system is sized based on customer demand.


iquid Offtake (LOT) LPG Systems have become popular in commercial & Industrial usage of LPG. The system offers Strength of Bulk LPG Installation and easy functionality as that of Cylinder manifold. LOT LPS System withdraws Liquid LPG using the LOT valves. The LOT System can cater to Volumes upto 250Kg per Hour also Occupies Less space. They are easy to handle & provided with High Safety Standards (LOTs fixed with SRV/EFCV within the Cylinders). The LOT LPS Systems are Highly cost effective as there is no residual loss. We provide easy availability.

Vapour Offtake (VOT) Systems is very commonly used in Star rated hotels & also in corporate offices.

VOT LPG systems can be used for purpose like:

  • Cooking
  • Laundry
  • Hot Water Supply
  • Operating Air conditioning systems
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