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Electrical Engineering


  Infrastructure Engineering

  Lightening Protection

  Earthing & Grounding Systems

  Power Quality/Conditioning Design

  Emergency Power Systems – UPS, Inverter

  Internal and External Power Distribution

  Power Generation and Backup – DG Sets, Gas Engines, Gas Turbines

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Lighting Design

  Architectural Lighting Designing

  External Lighting Design

  Facade Lighting Design

  Interior Lighting Design

  Create a Distinct Visual Identity / Brand

  Consider Multiple Viewing Angles

  Reduce Light Trespass and Light Pollution

  Lighting Hardware for the Context & Climate

  Utilize Energy Efficient Lighting System

  Lighting Controls (Automation), Controls layout

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  Sports Lighting Design

  Auditorium Lighting Design

  Landscape Lighting Design

  Security Lighting Design

  Consider Multiple Viewing Angles

  Augment Way finding & Establish a Visual Hierarchy

  Glare Free & Maintenance Friendly Lighting System

  Lighting for Respectful, yet Dramatic Exterior Facades

  Provide a Safe and Secure Pedestrian Experience


Mechanical (HVAC)

  Smoke & Normal Ventilation

  Mechanical Plant Renovation

  Staircase, Lift-well & Lift-lobby Presurization Systems

  Air-conditioning Systems – Central Plants, VRV, Splits, VAM

  Ducting & Piping Layouts

  Kitchen Ventilation

  Energy Analysis Studies

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  Clean room and Hospital Air-conditioning

  Precision Air-conditioning for Data Centres and Server Rooms

  VAV-based Air Distribution System and Dem and Control Ventilation

  Heat Recovery Systems & Fresh Air Systems

  Thermal Storage


Fire Fighting

  Fire Sprinkler System

  Fire Hydrant Systems

  Wet Riser System

  Dry Riser System

  Gas based Fire Suppression for Electrical Rooms & Server Rooms (FM200 & Inergen & Sapphire)

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  Deluge Systems

  Fire Pumps & Piping

  Potable Fire Extinguishers

  External & Internal Fire Fighting


iBMS (Integrated Building Management System)

   iBMS – Integrated Building Management System / Building Automation

  Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

  CCTV and Access control based Security Systems

  Intercom, EPABX systems

  MATV systems

  Public Address Systems

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