24 Nov

Nurse Call Systems

We offer consultancy service to setup nurse call systems in hospitals. The services require minimum involvement from the client. Our team of services engineers ensure dependable after sale services of products.


ngineering Consultants offers solutions to improve communication in hospitals. The Nurse Calling System (NCS) is an innovative product to give reliable service to the patients. NCS ensures service guarantee to patients in the ward. Also the wired and wireless models ease product installation in hospitals.

Advantages of Nurse Call System

Silent Operation : The system has noiseless operation with microprocessor based electronic circuit.

Data Logging : The Nurse Call System (NCS) has an automatic software facility to maintain real-time log of the services rendered to the patient

Low Voltage Operation : Nurse Call System (NCS) operates on 12 V DC supply which avoids electric shock to the patient at Bed end.

Dependable System : Nurse Call System (NCS) allows the nurse to attend the patient call at the patient end and reset the call only at the patient end. This ensures nursing service to the patient which avoids any dispute between the patient and hospital.

Pleasent Annunciation : Nurse Call System (NCS) gives the patient call as pleasant voice announcement

Quality Display : Nurse Call System (NCS) has clear digital display on the Display Unit to indicate the patient’s room and bed.

Multiple Call Indications : Nurse Call System (NCS) also enables to acknowledge the patient call in the corridor in a hospital.

Aesthetic Looks : Nurse Call System (NCS) has good looks which suits the hospital environment.
Reliable Operation : Nurse Call System (NCS) uses electronic switching to ensure stability during operation

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